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Trio Giving Circle

You can become a member of the Trio Giving Circle with a three-year pledge of $2,500 or more.  This will give you the opportunity to actively support the Tara scholarship program, the Nomad Playhouse, or an unrestricted fund to support operations. The virtue of this approach is that being able to count on a specific amount of funding for three successive years allows us to devote time to other avenues of support, pursuing grants and expanding our donor base by developing relationships with new prospective donors. Tara’s need for this type of continuous and committed support is more critical than ever now, as we focus on a path to sustainability.


Designate your Gift

Tara Scholarship Program

  • Doug Sheffer Scholarship supports families through needs-based criteria.

  • Waldorf Legacy Scholarship is awarded to students whose families have dedicated themselves to Waldorf/Steiner education. 

  • John Lewis Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship supports students who belong to a group or groups that have been historically underrepresented at Tara.  

Other Designated Giving Opportunities

  • The Nomad Playhouse is the venue for Tara productions, professional co-productions and rentals. 

  • Unrestricted funds underwrite a myriad of operational needs.  

Please email Betsy Barricklow with questions.

“I turn in gratitude to the Trio and to what Tara was and has become. An education at Tara is extraordinary and may not be found anywhere else in the world. Tara offers something exceptional to its students, teachers, parents and an ever-widening circle of community.”

Catherine Barricklow, Class of 2001

Tara Teacher and Director / Nomad Production Manager


Honoring the Past while Building the Future

We wish to thank the pioneers whose extraordinary financial support has helped to sustain Tara.  Their trust paved the way for the future, and our gratitude is boundless.

Colette and Tom Lennon

Barbi and Doug Sheffer

Leonore and George Russell

Rebecca and Rick White

Audrey and Doug Wiebe

Anonymous Donors

Debra and Russell Agee

Beth and John Bettridge

Donna and Bill Blanchet

Abby and Doug Brown

Deborah Carmichael

Larry Carter

Jan and John Kelly


“I am so lucky to have had an education full of opportunities to get the concept not just by being told 'how,' but by experiencing 'why' through hands-on learning and travel. The trip to the marine biology field station in Sonora, Mexico is a perfect example. After three weeks of studying zoology in the classroom, I found myself actively recalling much of what we had learned and applying it to the tangible land and sea of Kino Bay.”

Miles Fee, Class of 2021

We hope you will consider investing in Tara as a member of the Trio Giving Circle and be the new pioneers of a program that will forge our way into the future.

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