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Tuition and Fees

TUITION – $28,850


  • New York City Trip (Grades 9 & 11) – $3,800

  • Native American Trip (Grade 10) – $1,800

  • Geology Trip (Grade 10) – $3,200

  • NOLS First Aid Training (Grade 10) – $350

  • Medieval Literature Intensive (Grade 11) – $850

  • Hamlet Intensive (Grade 11) – $850

  • Concert series (Grade 11) – $300

  • Twelfth Grade Trip - Europe (Grade 12) – $8,000

  • Marine Biology Trip (Grade 12) – $2,200

  • Russian Literature Intensive ( Grade 12) – $850

  • Senior Leadership Retreats (Grade 12) – $2,750


  • New Student Admissions Fee – $1000

  • Student Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable, applies to fees) – $1000

  • International Student enrollment (50% non-refundable) – $2,500

  • Late re-enrollment fee (after April 1) – $750

  • Books & Materials – $850

  • Rehearsal/Performance Dinners – $375

  • Theatre Tickets – $350

  • Facilities – $3,750

  • Health and Wellness – $350


Tara makes every effort to enroll qualified students from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. While financial resources are limited, every effort is made to bring a Tara education within reach of all who qualify and wish to enroll through our need-based tuition assistance and scholarship program. We do our best to meet the needs of all our families but are often limited both by the amount of money raised for scholarships and by the number of families seeking assistance. Awards apply to tuition only and do not cover trips and fees. Please note that all scholarships are awarded annually; families must reapply each school year.

Scholarships are open to all families regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or transgender status, or background, and a family’s need for financial assistance has no impact on admissions decisions.

We are grateful to the many donors who support our scholarship fund. Tara is proud that approximately 30% of students receive some form of tuition assistance; it is noteworthy that Tara is 5% above the national average, particularly given Tara’s small student body. The generosity of our donors makes these awards possible.

Tara awards need-based scholarships to those who demonstrate financial need through the FACTS system. There are three types of scholarships in this category:

The Doug Sheffer Scholarship

The Doug Sheffer Scholarship supports our families through a needs-based criteria only. This scholarship is named for long-time Tara supporter Doug Sheffer, whose legacy of giving directly supported generations of students during his lifetime. Doug’s example has inspired many others to donate, making a Tara education accessible to as many students as possible.

Waldorf Legacy Scholarship

Waldorf Legacy Scholarships are awarded to students to honor the children and grandchildren of educators or administrators who are currently working in Waldorf schools or who have devoted their careers to Waldorf/Steiner education and/or the worldwide anthroposophical movement.

The John Lewis Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

The John Lewis Scholarship supports students who have historically been marginalized due to their race, color, national origin, religion, parent’s marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or transgender status, or are part of another marginalized group that has been historically underrepresented at our school.


To apply, families need to submit their Enrollment Packet via the FACTS System and pay a $2,000 enrollment deposit. Requests for tuition assistance are not reviewed until the packet and deposit are received. New and currently enrolled students are eligible to apply. In addition to demonstrating financial need, all current students must be in good standing with Tara’s Business Office.

To apply, complete the FACTS Tuitional Assitance Application (Tara utilizes FACTS, is an independent organization to collect financial information from families. FACTS charges a nonrefundable $40 application fee). This application includes optional demographic questions that may be used to assess a student’s eligibility for the Waldorf Legacy Scholarship and the John Lewis Diversity and Inclusivity Scholarship. Parents may submit a letter to the finance committee ( ) if they wish to inform the committee of any financial circumstances that are not captured in the FACTS application. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, ideally by March 15. Applications received after the March 15 deadline will be considered for as long as funds remain available.

Tara will notify families about scholarship awards by sending updated contracts with any award amounts and updated total tuition. If families meet ACE income criteria, they will be advised and will need to submit applications through ACE, as well. Following the notification of tuition assistance awarded, if a family chooses to withdraw their child’s enrollment, the $2,000 enrollment deposit will be refunded so long as Tara is notified within seven (7) business days of the financial award notification.


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