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Support Tara

Like every independent school, Tara depends on the philanthropic support of the people who care deeply about the school and its mission. Unfortunately, tuition alone does not cover the full costs of this extraordinary education. We are grateful for the support of  friends who have contributed in so many ways to the success of Tara. Below, you will find information on how you can show your support. Thank you!

Tara performing arts high school logo.
Tara students congregating outside the classroom.
Make a Gift Today
Assorted berries.
Bill’s Berries Donors
The tara founders.
Join the Trio Giving Circle
Three candles at the Candlelight festival.
Make a Legacy Gift
The Nomad Playhouse.
Sponsor the Nomad Playhouse
A stock ticker.
Donate Stock
A vehicle being donated.
Donate your used vehicle
(working or not!)
Shopping bags.
Shop for Tara
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