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International Students

Tara welcomes international students from around the world on a non-exchange (tuition-paying) basis during their high school years. Countries our students have come from include Austria, Germany, France, China, Mexico and Italy. Length of stay may range from one semester to all four years. Please reach out to us a minimum of 6-10 months prior to the semester for which you would like to apply. Applicants proceed through the same admission and enrollment process; they also pay the same fees as all other students, plus an independent fee to their host family, if applicable. Assistance is available for securing a host family.

Waldorf is an educational philosophy that connects our school to over 1,000 others around the globe. At Tara, we place special emphasis on travel in order to awaken in our students a sense of global awareness and curiosity, and therefore we value the perspective international students bring. We strongly encourage prospective families to research the Waldorf curriculum and reach out to us directly if interested in Tara, as our teaching methods and mission are different from many current American public or independent schools.

Tara is an approved SEVIS school and is authorized to help facilitate the process of obtaining F-1 visas once a student has been accepted.

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