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We’re excited to get to know you and share more about our school!

Welcome! We are so pleased that you are interested in Tara! We are now enrolling for the Class of 2028, with limited space available in the current 9th and 10th grades. Our peak enrollment period runs from August through January. Our Early Enrollment deadline is December 1st, and applications received by this date will receive a one-time $500 tuition discount. We recommend that you complete the enrollment process by January 15th; space permitting, we will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis after January 15th.

Our admissions process aims to ensure that prospective families are a good fit and to help you consider how our philosophy and values resonate with your own. Steps include:

  • Starting the conversation with our Enrollment Coordinator either over the phone or on an in-person tour.

  • Applying online.

  • Attending a personal interview with our faculty and staff.

Decision letters are usually sent within a week of the interview, after which enrollment can be completed.

Starting the Conversation

Although much can be learned from our website, the best way to get to know Tara is to have a conversation and come for a tour.

  • Submit an inquiry form here, or

  • Call or email our Admissions & Enrollment Coordinator, Chelsea Hendrickx, directly: Admissions & Enrollment Office: 720-885-9454 /

  • Experience Tara! Schedule a private tour or come to an event.

  • Apply online here.

  • Attend a personal interview with our faculty and staff.

Completing the Application

Applicants can apply online here.

The application questions are crucial to both the admission process and the success of a student’s full experience at Tara. Because all aspects of our program rely upon the commitment of students to bring themselves into an authentic relationship with their work and each other, incomplete information at the beginning can lead to a poor fit and repercussions for all. We ask that you and your student answer as fully and honestly as you can in order to accurately reflect a full picture of the applicant. Answers are kept confidential and limited to the Tara admissions committee.

Application Deadlines:
   For Early Enrollment: Dec. 1st ($500 tuition discount)
   For Regular Enrollment: Jan. 15th (recommended)

    Space permitting, we will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis after January 15th.


Prospective families then attend a ~90-minute interview with our faculty and staff, conducted by Betsy Barricklow (co-founder of Tara) or another member of the Leadership Council. After a brief conversation with the parents, the student will be asked some simple questions one on one and will give a short writing sample. This is an opportunity for all to review our five founding principles, to ask further questions about our philosophy, and for us to complete our picture of students and families. As remote wilderness and intensive urban experiences are part of our curriculum, it is important to us that we fully understand any challenges family or student may be facing (learning differences, emotional or developmental challenges) in order to accurately assess our ability to meet their educational and developmental needs.


Space permitting, Tara will consider for admission all students who are interested in what the school offers, are eager to work hard in a challenging academic program, and are willing to work socially in a group. We realize that some students are very gifted academically, others have learning challenges, and the rest fall in between. Our teachers and support staff work hard to serve this range of needs. The level of teaching is directed towards the A or A-Honors student, and we have found that in this manner all student learning is elevated. In working with students who have learning differences, our resources as a small independent school are limited, and any additional support a student will need to perform in Tara’s challenging academic environment will be the financial responsibility of the parents, above and beyond the regular tuition and fees.

Next Steps

Once the admissions committee has reviewed the completed application and interview notes, the applicant and family will receive an email with a decision from the Admissions & Enrollment Coordinator. If accepted, parents then complete the enrollment process, which includes completing the enrollment packet, applying for tuition assistance (if applicable), choosing a tuition payment plan, signing the Substance Agreement and Honor Code, and paying the enrollment deposit.

Tara Performing Arts High School is committed to an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone; we extend the same rights and privileges to all prospective and current students. Tara does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, religion, disability, medical condition, marital status, citizenship status, military service status or other basis prohibited by law.

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